Vote for freedom, your own freedom

Ben Hixon is campaigning for delegate in Virginia’s General Assembly to represent the 30th District, which includes part of Culpeper County and all of Madison and Orange Counties. He will fight for your freedoms – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. If you don’t think they are under attack, think again. The evidence is everywhere around you. More


Masterpiece is about free speech

Gay rights had a victory earlier this week when the Supreme Court correctly ruled in Pavan v. Smith that states are required to put same-sex parents on birth certificates. They’re the parents, stupid: of course they go on the birth certificate. Easy. More


Democratic PACs Endorse Hixon

The Democratic nominee in the District 30 House of Delegates race recently received endorsements from two of his party’s political action committees. More


COLUMN: Getting to know Ben Hixon

Citizens in Culpeper, Orange and Madison counties have selected Ben Hixon as the nominee in the House of Delegates 30th District to run against incumbent Nick Freitas, who ran unopposed in 2015. The 2017 elections are critically important to getting the Commonwealth of Virginia back on an even keel, as well as being an early referendum on the egregious policies and practices of the current occupants of Congress and the White House. More


Ben Hixon is Democratic nominee in District 30 House race

First-time political candidate Ben Hixon, of Culpeper, has been selected as the Democratic nominee in the District 30 House of Delegates race. More


Two Democrats seeking nomination in District 30 election against GOP incumbent

In 2015, Del. Nick Freitas ran unopposed for his first term in office representing District 30 in the Virginia House of Delegates. This year, two local Democrats—Ben Hixon and Annette Hyde—have announced their first-time candidacies in the mostly conservative district following a nationwide trend of discontent resulting from the presidential election of Donald Trump. More