Civil Rights 

Freedom means equal treatment for everyone. It means being able to live our lives without fear of discrimination or persecution. Ben is a libertarian and a Democrat because the Democratic Party is the party of freedom. More


Ben believes in economic and personal liberty, removing barriers to business such as excessive occupational licensing, eliminating regressive taxes like the car tax and the grocery tax, and privatizing the ABC. Ben also believes that in order to be effectively free, we need access to the basic tools that allow us to participate in society: universal healthcare, public education, free community college, and strong social safety nets. More


An affordable education is a fundamental freedom that must be defended. How can we be free to pursue life and liberty if we’re unable to get an education? We deserve equal access to the tools necessary to succeed in society. Our schools should be inspirational centers of learning. Teachers need more support and better pay. Rural areas need equal access to high speed internet. Those of us who experienced a good public education and gained the tools to succeed are willing to pay a little more in order for our children to have the same opportunities. More


Clean air and water are fundamental freedoms that must be defended. How can we possibly be free to pursue our lives if poison comes from the faucet? What happened in Flint, Michigan was more than government incompetence: it was a violation of basic human freedoms. Ben will fight to keep our environment healthy, water clean, and public lands public. More

Gun Rights

Self defense is a fundamental human freedom. Ben will defend the rights of gun owners with the same passion he defends our other freedoms. More


Healthcare is a human right, period. More

Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is clearly one of Virginia’s most urgent issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 91 Americans die each day from opioid overdoses, with 33,000 deaths recorded in 2015. More research, planning, community partnerships, education, treatment options, and funding are needed to address this crisis effectively. In the meantime, here’s how we can get to work in Richmond. More


Rural Infrastructure 

Rural communities face unique problems. Power lines, cable and telecommunications towers tend to end right outside concentrated population centers. A few big businesses like Walmart hold a disproportionate number of local jobs. Food regulations give unfair advantage to large-scale producers. More

Voting Rights 

The right to vote in our democracy is a fundamental freedom. Voting should be fair and easy. Ben will vote for gerrymandering reform and for the repeal of restrictive voter ID laws. More

Women's Rights

A woman has the right to make her own reproductive decisions. Roe v Wade says that a woman’s body is under her own control until viability. The power to control reproduction is not among the enumerated powers of the Federal government. More

Criminal Justice and Drug Reform 

Ben believes that jail sentences should be reserved for serious and violent offenders only. Addiction is an ongoing disease and requires more than emergency life-saving treatment and stopgap measures. More